Monday, February 23, 2009

Sixth folder? That implies my pictures are organized

Apparently I've been tagged by TGAPGeorge for this "sixth picture in your sixth folder" thing that's been going around. Like the title says though, my pictures aren't exactly organized into folders - it all just gets dumped into one and the stuff I'm gonna post gets copied over to this computer, so it's just a subset of folder one. With that said, let's see what we can find.

Sixth picture... hmm, the sixth picture's not particularly interesting. That and pictures two through five are just profile shots of Sol I was using for a sketch that was never finished. I could post that, but that seems like a bit of a copout. Let's see what we've got with those cut out.

Now we're getting into pictures I've already posted. Reruns are no fun, so I'll cut those out too. Third try's the charm, so let's see what I find.

Ah, here's a good one I'd forgotten about. It's me and Sol next to each other on top of the Scryer's bank. It's the only time we've ever been able to get this camera's timer thingy to work right; normally it'll go off too soon, so it'll be just me or Sol in the shot. Unfortunately Sol forgot to turn off the extra display stuff on the camera, so it's a bit cluttered.

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